Slots : How do they actually work?

There are tons of slot games to be found at reputable online casinos and they come in all shapes and sizes. From classic slot machines to video slots with perfectly executed animations, there is something for everyone’s taste. Below is a short list of the different types of slot games you can find online :

–  Classic slots – Video slots

– Jackpot slots (where you could also make a distinction between regular jackpot slots and slots with a progressive jackpot)

– 3D video slots

How slots work

There are so many different slot games that it is almost impossible to go into this very specifically, but we will make an attempt anyway. When you have chosen a slot to play with and you start it, you generally see a fixed number of reels and rows with different symbols on it. Your goal is to make as many winning combinations of symbols as possible where you have to spin at least 3 of the same symbols next to each other. Note that it depends per slot game whether you have to get these combinations of symbols from left to right, from right to left or another direction on the reels.

Symbols with their own function

The interesting thing about the many symbols is that there are symbols with their own function. For example, you have the regular symbols with which you have to make combinations to earn money and most slot games are equipped with bonus symbols that can give you free spins or trigger a bonus game. If you want to know more about the exact value and function of the different symbols, it is advisable to view the pay table on the game you have chosen before playing. Here you will find a clear overview of and you know which symbols you prefer to see end up on your screen.

Choose your slot

Once you’ve chosen a slot game that most appeals to you with its theme, that you know offers the bonus features you’re looking for, or you’re just trying a slot to see if it’s right for you, you’ll know where to go. should pay attention. Always make sure you look for how the game in question goes, what options it has and if necessary, try one of the free versions that you can find online at a large number of the casinos.


In this article, we give away many tips on how best to play a slot machine. To get straight to the point, a slot machine is simply unbeatable! We can, however, give you tools to spend longer with your money. Do you like casinos and do you like to gamble, then the best advice is, do not play the slots but the table games such as Blackjack or Punto Banco.


Nowadays, the casinos make the most profit on the slots, which can be found everywhere. Slots have never been more popular and this has everything to do with the cool video game machines, and that some machines have big (progressive) jackpots.

The idea for many players to hit such a jackpot with a relatively low throw-in encourages them to play here and not at the gaming tables anymore. If you bet a tenner in blackjack, you can make a maximum of € 25. But with a insertion of € 5 on a Mega Millions slot machine you can win millions! That is of course the way to beat a slot machine!

The payouts of a slot machine are in almost all cases many times lower than the table games. In addition, playing on a slot machine is much faster than with the table games and the loss of hours is much faster with the slots.

If you want to spend longer with your money in a casino, I advise you to ignore the slots. But I know better than anyone that slots can be so much fun so I will zoom in on this further. And surprise you with information that most of you don’t know yet or are myths.

Slots Without First Deposit

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