Why Americans Are Afraid of Visiting Russia

Russia is no “safe” country for American travelers, at least not any more. Right now, Russia is probably not even the safest place in the world for an American woman to visit. You probably know this already because you are an American woman and you’ve been to Russia several times. Most of what you’ve heard about Russia is either completely false or just downright wrong. I have personally experienced life literally hanging on every corner in Russia and many of these experiences left me with bruises, not to mention a hair-pulling Russian man who nearly choked me to death in a hallway!

I lived in Russia for three years and only in that time did I run into any scary situations. I can tell you that American women who visit Russia often carry condoms and other forms of birth control while they’re out, but these incidents are far from common. In my opinion, American women coming to Russia should be aware of how dangerous Russian men are and also how dangerous Russian girls are. So, what exactly is it that makes Russian girls so dangerous?

The most common issue with Russian girls is that they are very submissive. Being a virgin, I can tell you that having a Russian wife or girlfriend is one of the most satisfying aspects of being involved with the Russian sex culture. Russian brides are conditioned to always act like a good little girl always and to never raise their head during intercourse. When going to Russia, I tried to get an insight as to why this was so important to Americans. My first guess was that American women coming to russia would be incredibly respectful of their Russian husbands and would never show their affection in public. After my experience and talking with others, I can now say that this is definitely not the case.

Russian girls are taught by their mothers and sisters to be submissive to their husbands in every way. Once you’re a tourist in russia, it’s your duty to learn this and adhere to it at all costs. This means not only being a great lover yourself, but you need to be a great lover for your Russian husband or boyfriend. If you can’t produce a Russian husband or boyfriend who will respect your beliefs, status and honor, then don’t even think about traveling to Russia.

Another reason why American girls are so afraid of travelling to russia is because they are afraid of the dangers of the russian sex industry. Yes, the Russian sex industry is powerful in the country but to travel to russia and get caught in the life of a Russian woman can sometimes be a little bit risky. One of the things which comes up frequently when people are talking about the issue of why American girls are afraid to travel to russia is the issue of child trafficking. Child trafficking is a horrible crime in any part of the world but it’s even worse when it involves a country like russia.

In order to be a citizen of the country of russia, you must swear an oath of allegiance to the orthodox church. It is a very strong obligation and one that is not taken lightly by many tourists who decide to visit this country for a vacation. The country’s citizens also swear an oath to their Orthodox church, which is a huge responsibility for all the Russian men and women who take their vows to their Orthodox church. When you talk about the issues of child trafficking and violent crime, it’s often the parents who are accused of these crimes and they are usually punished with a large fine or a term in jail.

On top of those two things, there are other things which make Americans tourists feel very scared. For example, there have been many cases of Russian organized crime groups like “Gorky” which are suspected of being responsible for the murder of tourists in certain parts of Russia. In many of these cases, foreigners who were brutally murdered had tried to convert to Islam and were murdered because of their faith. Tourists in Russia should be aware of these problems, which can cause them many problems and dangers.

There are very few decent hotels and rest houses in Russia. All the hotels and rest houses are poorly maintained and probably very dangerous to stay in if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into. You should also remember that all the tourist attractions in Russia are highly dangerous and very prone to terrorist acts and attacks. So, if you plan on visiting Russia, don’t leave your sensitive information or money at any of the Russian hotels. Most Americans and Europeans are now getting very good at using a prepaid cell phone or a “virus checking” computer at home, so you really shouldn’t worry about Russian hotels too much.

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